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Benefits of Joining ESA of MissouriFor nearly 20 years the Electronic Security Association of Missouri has retained the services of a Lobbyist in Jefferson City, MO. The goal of this “Watchdog Service” has been to both observe and direct Statewide Legislative activities. Over this period of time there have been a variety of proposed pieces of Legislation in the Missouri Legislature that would have had a harmful impact on the Electronic Security Industry in this State. At the direction of ESA of Missouri our Lobbyist has been able to direct or defeat legislation that would have harmed the Electronic Security Industry in Missouri. The National Electronic Security Association has also assisted ESA of Missouri in its legislative efforts.

Some of the recent efforts include:

  1. Over the past 10 or so years no less than 5 Electrical Contractor Licensing Bills have been filed with the Missouri State Legislature by either the IBEW or IECA. These Bills, among other things required 20,000 hours of OJT, Strict Education Requirements, Inclusion of All Electrical Trades, No Grandfathering for Existing Companies and a 3 Year Time Frame for All Companies to Comply. Our Lobbyist was directed to either to defeat these Bills or find a way to exclude the Low Voltage Industry from the Legislation. After several years of our Lobbyist working in cooperation with the cable and audio-visual industry and ESA, SB240 was filed in 2017. This Bill included Language that Specifically Excluded the Low Voltage Industry therefore ESA of Missouri had no objection to this Bill. SB240 was passed into Law and was signed by the Governor in August of 2017.
  2. In 2010 a Bill was introduced in the Missouri State Legislature that would have Invalidated the Automatic Renewal Provision of your Monitoring Contract. Additionally, this Legislation would have required that all Monitoring Contracts be resigned upon renewal, electronic signatures were not allowed. The problem for Security Companies with respect to this Legislation is that upon the conclusion of a Subscriber Contract you would become Technically Uninsured. As a Company that means no hold harmless or limited liability protection regardless of fault. Again, we called on the services of our Lobbyist to deal with this problem. We were successful in defeating this Potentially Devastating piece of Legislation.
  3. After 8 years we are continuing to work with Columbia Missouri on a False Alarm Ordinance. As is the case with most municipalities Columbia, MO is committed to continue responding to End User Alarm Systems. However False Alarms are a growing problem that must be dealt with. Both the Police Department and City Council are committed to the development of a Fair and Enforceable Ordinance with a goal of reducing False Police Dispatches. The latest draft of the Ordinance has the possibility of being adopted by the City soon.
  4. The Kansas City and St. Louis Alarm Associations worked on false alarm ordinances that helped solve problems that were positive for consumers and protected police response. St. Louis which had ordinances for 30 years worked with that association and its lobbyist to implement reasonable false alarm fines, permit and fine management system. The St. Louis Alarm Companies and Collection Company facilitate funding the St. Louis City Police department. Also, control and tracking activity with user permits and supervision for abusers. This helped prevent eventual non-response to most alarms. The Kansas City Association also worked with the Police departments in the development of fine systems and alarm schools.

Breaking News and Future Trends About the Security Industry

  • ESA and ESA of Missouri stays up-to-date on both national and local issues that directly influence your business. We provide this information through social media and through our quarterly publication, the Online Communicator.
  • Distributors and Manufacturers attend state meetings and bring us a source of trending information and new products.

Social Media Support and Voice

Strength in unity. In greater numbers we can send a strong COMMON VOICE of influence in our industry locally and statewide. As a member, you will receive a listing on our member page along with links to your website and social media profiles.

Social media is a strong influencer and marketing platform. Through the ESA of Missouri’s social media, we connect with our members and participate actively with them, creating an online network of unity. For example, we will repost, retweet or @your-organization to move your security message. Check out our Twitter and Facebook page for examples.


Quality Training and Certification

As the leading provider of classroom, online courses and certifications for the evolving security and life safety industry, the ESA National Training School is the definitive source for training and certification. By taking advantage of the courses offered, event seminars, educational programs and webinars, you will set your company apart from your competition.


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