Learning from the Smartest People in the Room

In a recent article that appeared in the Commercial Integrator Magazine, Editor-At-Large Craig MacCormack commented about the positive value of attending association conferences.

Most business leaders attend their fair share of events sitting in rooms, large or small, listening to speakers share the latest and greatest ways to adapt their businesses to the new landscape of technology, sales and lead generation.

The new landscape at Alarm.com appears to be constantly evolving into something fresh and exciting, and Ben Sikorski will be discussing this at your ESA of Missouri Fall Conference October 11th & 12th at the Margaritaville Lake Resort.

New ideas that will generate enhanced opportunities for both retail and recurring revenue. These enhancements ultimately will lead to career growth, greater customer loyalty and build your company’s value.

So, what are the take-aways and who are the smartest people in the room? Obviously, attention is on the guest speaker, but what about the person sitting beside you or in front of you or behind you?

What about the person you meet at the reception?

Seek out that one person who may share with you an idea that could advance your career . . . that idea that may invigorate you and spark your imagination. YOU have an opportunity at this event to learn from everyone around you.

To quote Craig MacCormack on attending conferences:

 “The challenge is not to take away all the content, but to commit to a couple of things you heard that may be the most impactful and try to act upon those. Instead of trying to act upon 100 percent of the ideas and opportunities, take 10 or 20 percent of the opportunities that may equate to 80 percent of the impact.”

Take those opportunities back to your team and evaluate how well they fit within the culture of your company. Those opportunities that do fit will have the greatest probability for success.

So, at the end of this event the smartest person in the room is YOU. You took the time away from your busy schedule to attend one more event in search of that very special nugget of information. Information that will advance your career in that race to the future that has no finish line only constant improvement, reevaluation and assessment of where to go next.

Thank you, Craig MacCormack, for your inspiration.

Bob Scales, President
ESA of Missouri