Networking is Here to Stay

Networking has, and will continue to be, a large part of the installation and servicing of the equipment installed. Whether it’s a camera system, security system or a card access system, receiving and sending information is one of the difficulties you will run across.

The time it takes to get a system online depends on if the proper ports for communication have been opened. Installing new equipment inside of an unfamiliar environment makes troubleshooting very difficult. Is it the equipment? Are my cable runs correct? Did I forget a setting inside the software as I was programming it? How do I test to make sure the ports were opened like I requested?

Modern Security Demands Smart Technicians

So many things can cause the installation time to double and triple the amount of time that you expect. Technicians are now being asked to have a basic understanding of how a network works. In order to assist in getting technicians familiar with networking, the ESA has online training classes to help. giving your installers additional tools to help speed up troublesome installs will save time and money in the future. Establishing best practices for installs will also help the installer decrease the amount of problems they may run across. Bench testing unfamiliar equipment inside a known network environment at your office to verify the equipment being installed works properly will speed up the process.

Take advantage of the classes that the ESA has online. This will add value to your technicians and increase productivity.

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Jeff Herdman
Alarm Central L.L.C.