Resources Management Pooling: The Commonalities of Successful Cloud-Based Access Control RMR Engines

Resources Management Pooling is the grouping together of resources (assets, equipment, personnel, effort, methods, etc.) for the purposes of maximizing advantage and or minimizing risk. Resources Management Pooling is one of the underlying principles utilized when building a cloud-based access control recurring monthly revenue (RMR) engine and there are commonalities among the most successful platforms which we can utilize as a blueprint for success. There are three essential commonalities which are the foundation to building a meaningful cloud-based access control RMR engine.

Management’s Commitment to RMR Must Be a Strategic Decision

Management’s commitment to RMR must be a strategic decision, translated into a directive and communicated to everyone in your company with 100% “buy in.” Directing your entire sales team towards one common goal ensures your RMR engine is impactful. This is achieved through goals, selling tools, and holding your sales team accountable. Focus on activity, metrics and production and facilitate success by training your team to transition from selling a product to selling a service. Your entire team must learn the value of your offering and how to effectively articulate your services to opportunities while creating a compelling message that is simple.

This strategic effort must be accompanied by properly incentivizing your team with compensation that makes an emotional impact and it should be completely separate from your current compensation structure. Ensure your hosted and managed services’ offerings stand out to not only your opportunities, but also to your sales team.

Create a Successful Sales Plan That is Simple and Easy

In order to achieve this, create small sales goals. Several small achievements combine to produce meaningful results. Stray away from annual goals. While annual goals are necessary at the corporate level, for the sales team, small successes builds confidence in your offering and a process that improves over time while streamlining efficiency.

  • Create monthly activity goals and use accountability partnering within your team.
  • Make personal success coaches an integral part of your plan.
  • Accountability tools are a must have (ie-Salesforce) which makes tracking progress simple by both your sales team and management. This empowers your sales team to track where they are spending their time and what activities are producing results, keeping goals in focus.
  • Make reviews mandatory and routine which encourages your team to adjust activity quickly and effectively.

Develop a Vertical Market Strategy and Be the Expert

  • Focus on one or two vertical markets as a company and as individual sales persons. As your platform grows, so will the number of vertical markets you command. Focusing on a specific vertical market brings a much higher occurrence of referral business; opportunities always talk to each other within any given vertical.
  • Help your clients develop a cloud strategy, provide continuing education, and community service through thought leadership activity which helps your company and sales persons position themselves as the subject matter expert (SME) for cloud-technology.
  • Tomorrow’s sales teams will be cloud technology consultants as opposed to the physical security sales person of today. Sell value as opposed to features by assessing client’s needs and positioning your cloud-based access control offering to meet that need.

These three commonalities have profoundly changed our industry. In 5 years, it is expected that traditional based access control will be at 9% CAGR while cloud-based access control will be at 29% CAGR.

Countless industries have already made the migration to cloud based technology; consequently, consumers are already expecting the lower cost, enhanced feature sets and mobility that cloud-based access control can provide.

If you haven’t yet migrated to cloud technology, you should. Cloud based access control is building tomorrow today.

Homer Enriquez
National Sales Manager – Kantech hattrix
Keynote Speaker at ESA of Missouri’s Annual Conference on October 12-13, 2018

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